11 May 11 – 23 June 2019. Round tower. Copenhagen.
Photo by Cornelia Gramkow

“Just as a word first becomes clear in conjunction with other words, the individual colours first get their meaning in the context of other colours.” Johannes Itten (1960)

Vanilla sky, 2019 Installation (variable dimensions) Merino wool, acrylic paint, bamboo, handblown glass, aqua gell beads, water, atamon, polystyrene.

The Installation is inhabited by objects that require a certain awareness. The translucent glass bubbles are handled as snow globes – gently dispersing the coloured liquid inside. The soft hovering domes are easily bruised, supported by thin bamboo legs that seem to resist proper grounding. Essential to both are the attention to difference, texture, contrast in care and the shaping of colour.

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